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Maplewood United Methodist Church

Neighborhood: North Omaha


Maplewood United Methodist Church
3535 Maplewood Blvd.
Omaha, NE 68134

(402) 572-1430


Andrew Diediker (not verified) says:

August 2, 2013 : 10 years 45 weeks ago

Andrew Diediker's picture

Hi, my name is Andrew Diediker. I am contacting you to see if you would be interested in starting a church service at Prairie Meadows. We are a new facility (assisted living) that is located on 132nd and Meredith Avenue, which is in-between Maple and Fort Street. We specialize in Alzheimer’s and dementia care. I have been trying to get in contact with a Methodist church that may be willing to start a church service at our facility. I have recently contacted Pastor Wedeking at St. Andrews United Methodist church and pastor Todd from the Faith Westwood Methodist Churchy, but but both are unable to do a service here. Pastor Todd gave me your contact information to reach out to you. Just so I explain myself a little better, I am just looking for a Methodist church that will be able to come to my facility once a month (preferably on a Sunday, but can be a different day, to give a 20-30 minute church service to our residents that are unable to attend a church service outside the facility. If we would be able to at least talk on the phone or sit down and discuss this more in detail, it would be much appreciated. Thank you very much for your time. Have a great day!

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