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Jisa's Farmstead Cheese

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Jisa’s Farmstead Cheese
Neighborhood: Outside Omaha
Business Type: Farms
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(402) 545-2000


Traditional cheeses, nuggets and special varieties


Interview by Christy Pooschke

A bit about our farm

Our dairy was started in 1946 by David’s parents, Lad and Helen Jisa. At that time, the dairy consisted of eight Holstein cows. The herd now has grown to 300 cows and a new milking facility. All of our cows are handled with care. The feeding comes from the crops that Dave has harvested, and the cows are not treated with rBST (growth hormones).

The Cheese Plant is located three miles south and two miles west of Brainard, Nebraska (2653 Q Road). The dairy is only 1/2 mile away from the plant, and we are available for tours by request.

David and his wife Bonnie took over the Dairy in 1989. They have 3 children, David, John, and Christine. Besides farming and milking cows, David is now into making specialty cheese. With much thought, David and Bonnie wanted to create a wholesome product that people would enjoy. They already had an insight into the cheese business since Bonnie’s parents had owned a cheese factory. Traveling around the U.S., the Jisas were able to purchase the stainless steel equipment that would be used in the new factory. Much of the work was done themselves to help defray costs.

A bit about our dairy products

In March of 2005 the first batch of cheese was made. All of the milk we use for the cheese is Wholesome Grade A pasteurized milk. We think we have a great product because we have no preservatives; it’s an all natural product made right here in Nebraska.

Where to find our food

You’ll find our cheese in the deli sections at all the Hyvee’s in Lincoln and Omaha; all the Russ’s and Super Savers, Open Harvest and Ideal grocery in Lincoln; Whole Foods and Tomāto Tomäto in Omaha; and a few of the area wineries, plus our local, independently-owned grocery stores. We will be selling our cheese at the upcoming Farmer Markets in The Old Market and Village Pointe in Omaha and the Haymarket farmers market in Lincoln, featuring specialty cheeses not sold in grocery stores.

Clean Up Crew at Farmstead's first cheese plantClean Up Crew at Farmstead’s first cheese plant

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Jisa’s Farmstead Cheese
2653 Q Road
Brainard, NE 68626

(402) 545-2000


Cheri Underwood (not verified) says:

January 23, 2012 : 12 years 25 weeks ago

Cheri Underwood's picture

My name is Cheri Underwood. We are hosting the 2012 Callelemans Ball June 1-2 in McCool Jct. this year. We might be able to use your cheese at some events during this years Calltlemans Ball. If ticket sales go well we are estimating a crowd of 4,000 people attending this years event. Ninety percent of proceeds goes to the Epley Cancer Center at UNMC, with the other 10% going to the local communitys. I am co-chairman of the Friday Night Social gathering, which consists of appetizers and drinks. We are trying to keep as many Nebraska items as possible on the menu. Would you be interested in giving us a reduced price or making a contribution to the ball if we used Jisa Cheese. There would be recoginition for your business. I have eaten your cheese and think you have an excellent product. Please get back to me as soon as you can.


Cheri Underwood

Sandi (not verified) says:

June 20, 2013 : 11 years 3 weeks ago

Sandi's picture

Do you sell raw milk? I live in Wahoo and interested in finding someone who sells raw milk.

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