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Benson Business Association

Formerly the "Benson Commercial Club"
Neighborhood: Benson


Omaha, NE

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Robb Stevens Cox Media (not verified) says:

July 23, 2015 : 8 years 43 weeks ago

Robb Stevens Cox Media's picture

I work for Cox Media here in Omaha. I was born and raised here and Omaha and just want to say the improvements that have occurred to the Benson Area is unbelievable. My wife and I go to Benson at least 2 or 3 times a month now for dinner and drinks. The purpose of my inquiry is I would to establish a relationship with your organization to see if I can help get word out about the great changes occurring in Benson. Do you have monthly meeting with your members or orginazations? I visualize a commercial that represents the entire business district. Please give me a call I would love to talk more about this. (402) 739.3746

Have a great day! Robb Stevens

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