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Omaha Party Episode 3

Filmmaker Dan Mirvish and the Brando hot dog
Omaha Party Episode 3
Published on August 28, 2012

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Bunny and Coco interview filmmaker Dan Mirvish, creator of "Omaha: The Movie" and cowriter/director of the forthcoming Julia Stiles film "Between Us." Also discussed: The rumors that you can get fined for worrying a black squirrel in Council Bluffs and the enormous Brando Dog at Pink’s in Los Angeles, named after the Omaha-born actor Marlon Brando.

"Omaha Party" is a weekly podcast by Max "Bunny" Sparber and Coco Mault, both with long backgrounds as journalists, playwrights, and performers. Each week they invite a celebrity guest to join them in exploring Omaha’s back alleys, urban legends, forgotten history, and unique expressions of culture.

Listeners can subscribe to Omaha Party on iTunes and look for updates and supplemental material on the podcast’s Facebook Page.

maxsparberMax "Bunny" Sparber is a playwright, journalist, and performer. Originally from Minneapolis, he has lived in Hollywood, New Orleans, and Omaha. He can be found on Twitter at

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