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2010 OSFest 3

The World Created by You
Friday, July 23, 2010 (All day) - Sunday, July 25, 2010 (All day)
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2010 OSFest 3

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Comfort Inn Suites - 72nd Street
7007 Grover St
Omaha, NE 68106
Price: Adults: $40 for the entire weekend Kids 4-12: $15 for the entire weekend Single day passes will be available each day of the convention: $10 Friday; $25 Saturday; $10 Sunday

The 2010 OSFest 3 is just around the corner. Check out this listing for registration info, pricing, guests and the schedule of events.

This year the Tracks include: Literary, Art, Costuming, Anime, Science, Gaming, Trivia Games, Fan, and Media events. Interspersed in those Tracks will be many opportunities to meet and talk with our Guests of Honor. The most intimate session will be the "Coffee with…" sessions in the Con Suite both Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Guests of Honor

Author Guest of Honor: Robert J. Sawyer
Artist Guest of Honor: Mitch Davidson Bentley, M.A.
Science Guest of Honor: Arthur Bozlee
Anime Guest of Honor: Jan Scott-Frazier
Masquerade MC: Denny Lynch
Toastmaster: Rusty Hevelin


  • Workshops
    • OSFest 3’s Writer’s Workshop guidelines are now available.
    • Mitch Bentley’s Digital Art workshop (bring a laptop with your own art program)
    • Joe Carver’s Steampunk Pistol building workshop ($2 fee to create one) Sign up today by clicking webmaster [at] osfes [dot] org (here).
    • Chain mail workshop ($2 materials fee) Sign up today by clicking webmaster [at] osfes [dot] org (here).
    • Duct Tape Dummy workshop (bring 3 rolls of duct tape and a long t-shirt plus at least 2 friends)
    • Fredd Gorham’s Artist Jam
  • Science talks:
    • X-Cor
    • The Physics of FlashForward
    • Homebrewing
    • Space development discussions
    • Paranormal 411
  • Anime programming:
    • Lolita 101 and a Lolita Tea Party
    • The Occult in Anime
    • Gundam Fan Panel
    • Men are from Mars, Women are from Neo-Tokyo
    • Translating Anime/Manga with Jan Scott-Frazier
    • Princess Knight
  • Film and Television activities
    • DESTINATION OUTER SPACE the newest film by Christopher Mihm
    • The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly - Sequels, Remakes, and Reboots
    • Vampires Don’t Sparkle
    • The Big Bang Theory: Fanboy depictions in the media
    • From Firefly to Serenity
    • RIF Track workshop
  • NerdTron Dance and pool party
  • Costuming Workshops:
    • Dr. San Guinary makeup class
    • Fight Choreography
    • Character construction
    • Klingon costuming
    • Dressing like a REAL Belly Dancer
  • Coffee with the Guests of Honor
  • Free book library - yes, we’re giving away free books. "Time to read, Nerd-boy!"
  • Trivia games:
    • Password
    • Match Game
    • Fanboy Feud
    • Ultimate Starship Challenge
  • Masquerade and Hall Costume Contests
  • Dr. San Guinary panels with DrSanGuinary.Org
  • Author readings
  • Room Parties

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