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Creative Wellness

If you believe it, you can achieve it!
Creative Wellness
Neighborhood: Southwest Omaha
Business Type: Fitness | Wellness
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Life Coaching including goal setting and stress management, Fitness Training, Nutrition Counseling, Meditation/Relaxation/Visualization Sessions, and Energy Work.


Amy McCae is a Wellness and Lifestyle Coach who inspires people to create healthier and happier lives. She began her journey to better health after spending years visiting numerous doctors without resolution. Eventually through her own personal research, Amy healed herself and discovered she had a passion for helping others. She is a Silva and Ultra Silva graduate and a certified personal trainer who holds additional certifications related to mind, body, and spirit wellness. Amy has been interviewed by LVCMag and featured on two Omaha news stations, Channel 6 and Fox 42, regarding goal setting and visualization techniques as well as meditation and other alternatives to achieve relaxation. One of her blogs about mandatory health insurance was also featured in a local magazine, Heartland Healing.

Most recently, Amy was featured on KCRO Radio speaking for an hour on Wellness Coaching and she was also included in an article in The Midlands Business Journal about self-improvement in the New Year.

Whether you want to relax or become thinner, healthier, or more successful in marriage or work, Amy offers a variety of services to insure your success including life coaching, fitness training, nutrition counseling, relaxation/meditation techniques, stress management solutions, and energy work. Amy teaches workshops on these topics to groups as well as to corporations looking to help support their employees. Get healthy, get happy, and achieve success. Visit for more information and creativewellness [at] cox [dot] net (email Amy) today to begin your journey to happier and healthier living.

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Omaha, NE

(402) 740-9847

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