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Want to be a Extra in a Movie being made in Omaha area?

filming for movie Apparition (film being made in Omaha area)
Thursday, March 21, 2013 - 7:00pm - 11:00pm
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Chrome Lounge
8552 Park Drive
Omaha, NE
Price: It's Free (sweet!)
Organizer: Chrome Lounge

(want to be a extra in a movie being made in omaha area?) (u can on March 21st 2013 at the Chrome Lounge in Ralston area of Omaha)

The film  Apparition is being made locally in Omaha area and there is a casting call for extras, go to:


Here are details of filming at Chrome’s Lounge:

Because there are three aspects of the scene: the band playing, the extras, and the scene (dialogue) between Marcus and his ex-wife, we need to film two different times at the lounge; it’s too much to get all in one night.

 Thursday, the 21st, we will film all of the extras and the band. The second time we return to film at the lounge, we will film Marcus and his ex-wife having the dialogue.


synposis of movie:

Marcus buys a house just outside of the city. While unpacking in the basement he finds what looks to be just an ordinary hat.

But, when he wears it at a church service the next morning he realizes the hat lets him see and hear demonic spirits. How much do demonic spirits affect mankind?

Follow Marcus in this thriller as he tries to survive finding out.


the movie stars local actors:

James Leesley

and Melanie Jura and Jerry Lukehart (all 3 of whom were also in the locally made film Maddy)

and also:

Joshua Brunken 

and Connor Patton and Ted Perez (from the film Plans of Trust)

and Dutch Haling and Meg Noyes   (from the movie Bert)

and also  Monica Gillen  and Poppy Michelle Howery

among other local actors and actresses 

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